Friday, January 19, 2018

Busy Time

It's been a busy week for us at the Newser, with most of us having to deal with technical difficulties or other complications in real life. For yours truly, I've been exploring another virtual world: VR Chat. I'll have an article ready soon. For now, here's a picture of the avatar I had once I was inworld a few minutes.

Stay tuned.

Scenes From Second Life: "Tooned In"

Taken from the "Tooned In" event at Club Cutlass on January 13. This Road Runner avatar was donned by none other than RECoyote Mindes. So this would be the first time that the Roadrunner and the Coyote would be wrapped up in one package.

By Bixyl Shuftan

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Review: The "Tyrah and the Magical Glytches" Game

Second Life isn't just about the clubs and making stuff. Sometimes you just want to play a game. A few months ago, Linden Lab announced their latest inworld game, "Tyrah and the Curse of the Magical Glytches." Yours truly gave the game a try, and recently wrote about how it's played.

Read the review in Design.

"Mixed Reality" Music Concert At Areo Pines Park

 On Monday January 15, Aero Pines Park was the scene of a "Mixed Reality" event. A live music performance was being broadcasted both in Second Life and the SinceSpace virtual world. The event took place at 6PM SL time. Besides dancing, some people were skating nearby.

SPECIAL EVENT!  Live Mixed Reality Music Concert- Songwriter James Olmos - Join us Monday Jan 15, 6pmSLT for a unique mixed reality event. Experience a LIVE video webcast to TWO virtual worlds! Enjoy Singer/Songwriter James Olmos performing original works on acoustic guitar. Featuring the new virtual world SineSpace streaming live to Aero Pines Park Winter Festival in Secondlife. Arrive early to get a spot!  

Cindy Bolero, the owner of the park, was there. She told me the last time she had this kind of event, they had the singer's avatar in both virtual worlds.

Besides events like these, Aero Pines Park is the scene of various other activities, including horseback riding. They've also had a Superbowl party every winter.

Bixyl Shuftan

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Cartoon of the Day

Taken at the Happy Vixen.

By Bixyl Shuftan

Furry Fashion Goods at Farshore Shipping and Trading

Cynthia Farshore recently notified me of a number of additional items up for sale at her "Farshore Shipping and Trading" store in Sunlight Bay. The brand of most of these goods will be familiar to longtime readers: Furry Fashion.

The decision of Furry Fashion to change it's Furry sim rating to adult (which was made only after talks with some in the staff whom had concerns), was not well received by everyone as the comments after the announcement in the Newser shows. As Sunlight Bay has a rating of "Moderate," the new goods at the Farshore store allow a location for those who want to shop at an inworld location with their goods but can't or won't set foot in a sim with an "Adult" rating.

Sunlight Bay (193/217/27)

Bixyl Shuftan

Do You Have A Story?

On occasion, Second Life Newspaper will print an article or picture submitted to us by one of you, the readers.

Have you seen a particularly well-detailed sim? Went to a great event? Found yourself in a hilarious "only in SL" predicament? We're very interested in what you the readers have to say. Send us a story or funny picture, and if we like it, we'll post it as a Reader Submitted. For pictures, jpg format is preferred.

Mail submissions to bixylshuftan(at)

PLEASE include your SL user name and tell us if you wish it to appear with your story.

SL-Newser reserves the right to post in the appropriate section, edit,  and to investigate any names used in submitted stories (please ask permission before using anyones name or picture or use an alias for them).

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Events This Week at the Sunweaver and Furry Fashion Clubs

 It's a week full of events at the Sunweaver and Angel clubs, and the Furry Fashion Lounge.

Club Cutlass: Best in 'M,' Black and Silver, Horsin' Around

The Happy Vixen: CAYA, Around the World, Asian Flaire, Naughty, Cartoons and Anime, Hoof-It, Fire and Ice, Swimsuits, CAYA

Club Zero Gravity: Dragon Crew, Best in Pink, Dragon Crew, Best in Leather, Dragon Crew, Dragon Crew

Furry Fashion: Videogames, Sci-fi, BDSM, Neon, Memes, Goth, Space, Sea Life

Read the schedules in SL Clubbin'.

Raglan Shire Map Follies

About a year ago, The Raglan Shire region was the scene of some map madness. Last week, it started up again, with someone skywriting "Bears Smell" over the sim that "bears" the region's name. What local ursines had to say about the statement is unknown.

Yesterday when I looked, the message over the sim was gone, but over Raglan Galaxy was a new one: "Frog Gang Was 'ere.' Just who the "Frog Gang" would be is unknown, though Frogg Marlowe of "Jaycatt and Frogg" can be ruled out.

What mayhem on the map will be next, time will tell.

Bixyl Shuftan

Monday, January 15, 2018

News and Commentary: Sansar Newsblog on Hiatus After Dispute With Linden Lab

By Bixyl Shuftan

If Linden Lab has a theme song these days, it might be "Oops, I did it again."

In December, Linden Lab found itself in a public relations flap when Strawberry Singh was asked by them to remove or edit a video with Second Life's eye-in-hand logo. When the Lab later apologized and annouced their trademark policies would be revised to allow others to promote the virtual world, all seemed well. But recently there was a dispute involving a blog of Linden Lab's other virtual world: Sansar.

On January 8, Ryan Schultz posted in the Sansar Newsblog about the "Aech's Garage" location, a build of a place in the upcoming Steven Spielberg Movie "Ready Player One." Shortly afterwards, he was contacted by Linden Lab, and he was asked to take the pictures in the article down and apparently there was a problem with the blog's use of the word "exclusive." "Apparently, someone at one of the many companies mentioned in that blogpost is upset," he would later post in the comments of Inara Pey's article on the location, telling her, "you’d better be prepared for a request from Linden Lab to take down the pictures you posted to this blogpost." Besides Sansar Studios, the companies involved were Intel, HTC Vive, and Warner Brothers.

After some talks with more in Linden Lab, Schultz was able to repost the images without fear of trouble. But he was asked to take down the word "exclusive." And there seems to be some problem with the name "Sansar Newsblog." "I have asked Linden Lab for clear, yes-or-no answers," Schultz stated about the issue of the pictures and the name of his blog, and had only gotten one for the former. As a result, he is putting his blog on hold.

I don’t want to lose that tight focus on Sansar, on which I have worked so long and hard on with the Sansar Newsblog these past five months. ... I may not be a Warner-Brothers-size company, but my blog is important to me and, if I can believe the comments I have received in support, important to many others as well. Until I get clear, authoritative yes-or-no answers to BOTH of my two questions (Can I repost the pictures I took from Aech’s Garage? Can I keep the name Sansar Newsblog?), I’m not going to bother spending my time and money blogging for Sansar. Linden Lab can go find some other blogger to cover and promote their platform.

Right now, I have only a verbal okay from Ebbe Altberg at an in-world meetup months ago that the name Sansar Newsblog is acceptable to Linden Lab, but after this recent incident, now I want more. I want a clear “Yes” or “No” from someone official at Linden Lab that the company is not going to ask me to rename my blog.

Until I get clear “Yes” or “No” answers to BOTH these two questions, from someone at Linden Lab who is authorized to speak on behalf of the company, the Sansar Newsblog will remain on hiatus.

Schultz stated if he was told to change the name of his blog, he would stop his focus of Sansar and give more coverage to High Fidelity, VRChat, "and the other new VR-capable virtual worlds ... and the other new blockchain-based virtual worlds that are suddenly springing up."

He would later update his post. saying he had gotten an apology from Ebbe Altberg, Linden Lab's CEO. "I do still have a lot of love and respect for Linden Lab. ...  However, I will wait for Linden Lab to issue new brand guidelines for Sansar before I start blogging again. I am really tired, and I need to take a break. ... perhaps two or three weeks at most. The blog will be back, either as the Sansar Newsblog, or under a new name with a new focus."

The incident has been starting to get attention from other blogs and newsletters. Nalates Urriah was reminded of the trouble with Strawberry Singh last month, " ... it looks like the Sansar team is going to have to go through the same learning curve. But, I had hopped the SL experience of the Linden support people, like accounting, legal, marketing…, would carry over. I suppose not, now that I see this second ‘take down’ call." Isabelle Cheren would write about it as well, "Be thoughtful to people who visit. Sansar needs the promotion and here you go and upset a person who promotes it daily, often a number of times a day?" Inara Pey, when asking the Sansar community team for answers, was told, "users are not discouraged from posting screenshots from any experience that is open to the public as long as there is no claim to exclusivity, early access, or other potentially misleading statements or claims that are untrue or could be construed as an official statement from Linden Lab or Sansar."

After Sansar was officially opened, it had gotten a lukewarm reception from most. I had gotten a number of comments asking for the Newser to focus on other subjects, notably when the Second Life Friends Facebook group told me any links to Sansar-related posts would be removed. With the Sansar Newsblog on hold, the next-generation virtual world is without a blog that promotes it with singular focus. It would seem once again, Linden Lab's heavy hand has backfired.

Sources: Sansar Newsblog, Modem World, Natle's Things, Isabelle Cheren  

Image Credit: Isabelle Cheren, Ryan Schultz

Bixyl Shuftan

Newser's Gemma Cleanslate Temporarily Offlined From Windows Trouble

Gemma Cleanslate messaged the Newser that her computer has been disabled and not able to connect to Second Life, at least for now. The trouble seems to be related to the Windows updates for recent computer chip flaws that we wrote about on Friday January 12. Hopefully, she will be back on soon.

Friday, January 12, 2018

The Museum of Wizardry at Coniston

So what does one think when the terms "magic" and "wizard" come to mind? Dungeons and Dragons? Harry Potter? At Coniston, Salient Wizard offers to tell you at the "Museum of Wizardry," without the "hocus pocus" of Hollywood, "presented in an educational format for the common person." Klaus Bereznyak went there to look around, and talk to the man behind it.

Read Klaus's article in Places.

Valkyrie McGill Interviewed in Futurism Magazine

Valkyrie Ice McGill, a member of the Sunweaver community of which the Newser office is located in, was recently interviewed for part of an article in the online science news magazine "Futurism." Valkyrie, an advocate for "morphological freedom," was quoted in "Reproductive Tech Will Let Future Humans Inhabit the Body They Truly Want," dated January 9.

The article was about the possibility of uterine transplants for male to female transgendered, which are currently open only to women with damaged uteruses or without one. The subject is not without debate. In one survey, "nearly one in three obstetrician-gynecologists said they believe uterine transplants are unethical." One other person quoted stated, "A lot of people have questions about whether this is a valid allocation of health care resources." And some feel this level of surgery should be reserved only when someones life is on the line, not for quality of life.

But as surgery techniques improve and the risk becomes less, there very well may be some interesting possibilities. “We can rebuild every part of the human body: teeth, bone, just about anything,” Valkyrie was quoted as saying, “What we don’t know how to do at the moment is put all of this together into one single cohesive piece: the Da Vinci surgeon robot that takes a 3D map of your body and then plans a series of microsurgeries to slowly transform you from one thing to another.”

When I talked to Valkyrie, I asked her if anyone she talked to had reservations about her desire for people being able to change themselves on such a level on the grounds of being worried about "supermen," such as Khan and his followers in "Star Trek" and the gene-splicers in "Batman Beyond." She answered that hasn't really been the issue, "mostly it's been 'why can't you just be happy being what I feel comfortable insisting you be?'" One extreme example of this was recently when she had posted about the interview on Facebook, and someone responded with a death threat, "he basically said that my being transgender meant I was the problem with this country, that I was trying to tech his kids to be transgender, and that I should die. ... he claimed he wanted to (be) a girl as a kid, but 'wised up' and that I should too."

Valkyrie has quite a resume of online magazine writing, which include H+ Magazine, Acceler8or, IEET, and

Bixyl Shuftan

Recent Windows Updates May Slow Down Your Computer

If you think your computer isn't running as fast as it was, you may be right. But it may not be hackers slowing it down, but measures to stop them.

On January 3, Intel and other makers of computer chips announced that two flaws had been discovered. Nicknamed "Spectre" and "Meltdown," they exposed the users of the computers with the chips to potential hacking attacks. The result has been both companies and individual computer users having to update their computer software. Unfortunately in the case of Windows updates, there are problems. The company "confirmed that some Windows 10, 8 and 7 adopters will face slower computers once the patch is installed."

While brand new machines with Windows 10 shouldn't see much of a slowdown, users of older computers with Windows 10, 8 and 7 would likely see a noticeable slowdown. One article stated the slowdowns would be from 5% to 30%. For computers with AMD chips, there was an unforeseen problem. The Windows updates were making these computers unable to reboot and making them "bricks."

There's also a report that the CEO of Intel sold the maximum amount of stock he could, about $24 million dollars worth, upon finding out about the flaws.

It is unclear when there will be further updates that allow computers back to their previous speeds.

Sources: Express, Tweaktown, BGR, Telegraph, CNN, Forbes 

Bixyl Shuftan

Announcement: This Week in The Science Circle - “The Common and Misplaced Racism of... "

“The Common and Misplaced Racism of David Duke, Hitler, and Darwin: The Value of Diversity in Human Interactions”

by Dr. Stephen L. Gasior

"Racism is the worst idea ever in its impact on the evolution of the human species and its longterm survival. Yet, it is a persistent and strong perspective that has early roots in our evolution that has continued through the Enlightenment, the Scientific Revolution, and modern day. This talk covers the biological basics of human genetic diversity as it pertains to race and some historical perspectives of notable individuals and how that has impacted culture. A more in-depth presentation on population genetics and interesting genetic traits will finish the discussion with a thought on how a rational anti-racism is beneficial in the continued evolution of Homo sapience."

January 13th 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM PST

For more information, click here:

The Science Circle (61/126/32

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Announcement: Theater On The Hill Returns After Winter Break

Theatre On The Hill offers 3 vibrant shows this weekend to help quell your January Blahs
FRIDAY @ 1:00 SLT: "THE BLUES BROTHERS" rock the Cabaret with one of the most energetic shows you will ever see
SATURDAY @ 1:00 SLT: Mario2 Helstein returns with his incredible Winter Particle and Light Show...WITNESS the UNBELIEVABLE!
SUNDAY @ 12:00 SLT: Martin Terr's "EUROVISION" featuring all the prize-winning songs from the past 17 years returns to the Chetz Szondi Stage in all of its aural and visual glory

Pure Luxury (193, 128, 37)

Announcement: HFOT Fundraising in December 2017

Happy New Year folks! With our on-going efforts in Second Life to help wounded veterans through Homes For Our Troops, we were able to collect $570 in donations in the month of December 2017. This brings our total for 2017 to to right about $10485. As always we can only do this with the help of some dedicated people. Thanks especially to everyone who makes an effort every month to help with this cause. And then in December we had some great performers for our monthly benefit at Veterans Isle. Thank you Waya Snowpaw, Porter Paquot, Keeba Tammas, Qqquartzz and Maxx Sabretooth.

Due to some changes in the Linden Labs web site this last month it will not be possible to highlight all the dedicated supporters who always give up their time and effort. But I know there are many! Thank you for your kind hearts makes a difference!

Let's keep this effort going folks. Our wounded veterans needs are lifetime and never end. We owe it to them to keep giving to help with those needs.

Frets Nirvana

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Raftwet Jewell, Co-Owner of "The A List" Has Died

On Monday January 8, Xavier Thiebaud, one of two co-founders of "The A List" group in Second Life had a sad announcement. His wife inworld, and fellow A List co-founder, Raftwet Jewell, was no longer alive.

With heartfelt tears. I wish to inform our members. Raftwet Jewell co owner of The A List! passed away from a heart attack. She was incredibly proud of what her and I created with the community we meticulously cultivated.

I will be organizing a celebration of 2nd Life on what is her 10th Rez day this 3rd of February. Any of you who knew her, knew how supportive she was helping. if you wish to assist in anyway. Please drop me a note card. Further information will be given soon

Raftwet Jewell , February 3rd 2008 - 2018

Grease Coakes wrote about "The A List" in 2012. It bills itself as "Second Life's premiere destination guide on being the first to know what is happening," and is a group where events in General and Mature-rated areas can be announced. Events in Adult areas cannot be mentioned there, even if there will be nothing lewd going on.

Skiing At The Linden Chalet

Christmas is over, but winter is still going on. With her explorations of holiday-themed places over, Gemma Cleanslate's travels took her to a place where people can ski any time of the year: the Linden Chalet. Located in the Voss/Wengen/Zermatt/Moritz area, the location offers more than skiing, both cross-country and downhill, but also skating, trails for horseback riding, train rides, and more.

Read Gemma's story in Places.

Announcement: Furry Fashion Changing Sim Rating to Adult

To Our Valued Patrons,

We have big changes coming to Furry Fashion and we want to make sure everyone is in the loop so things go smoothly!

2018 is bringing in a new Furry Fashion, we will be converting from a mature sim to an adult sim. So what does this mean for you?

It means more merchants, new themes, and new attractions!

Of course, it also means new rules. We want to be clear that we do not plan to be a "Yiff" sim, there are enough of them as there is. We will be welcoming adult attachments with some restrictions, and we will be having (private) adult attractions.

This also means we will be disallowing child avatars and products on sim as well. But fear not! We will have a separate FF branch for our merchants and patrons that enjoy these!

Thank you for taking time to read this, we hope 2018 will be a killer year for us and we look forward to working with you!

FF Management

Editors Note: Talking to owner Amethyst Crystal, she explained that the final decision was made only after lengthy discussion with the staff, including listening to the concerns of those with reservations about changing the sim rating. Certain behaviors are still not allowed, and the security personnel will still be enforcing those rules.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Events This Week at the Sunweaver and Furry Fashion Clubs

It's a whole new week of events at the Sunweaver and Angel Clubs and the Furry Fashion Lounge

Club Cutlass: Best in 'K and L," Battlezone, Toon-In

Happy Vixen: Topless, Feathers, Videogames, Triumph/Silver and Gold, Star Trek vs Star Wars, Sexy in Red, Sock Hop, Jungle

Club Zero Gravity: "Black and White", "Lingerie," Dragon Crew

Furry Fashion Lounge: Fandoms, Pool Party, Demos, Swing, Sexy, Disco, Food, Scalies

Read the schedules in SL Clubbin'.

Updated 10:15AM

Crew Meeting

From the Newser crew meeting on Saturday January 6. From left to right, Deaflegacy in her new bunny avatar, Alura Denver (Alura Messing), Bixyl Shuftan (myself), Gemma Cleanslate, and Shaza Denver. This was our attempt at posing for a new crew picture for 2018, but things didn't go quite right. We'll try again soon. Besides this, we also talked about possible articles and stories for the month ahead.

Alura had a little pet with her. "They change often," she told me. So we may see another next time, and we won't have to worry too much about leaving cheese on the floor around her.

Bixyl Shuftan

Monday, January 8, 2018

Feed A Smile

With the Holidays and their themed shopping hunts behind her, Shava Denver has been looking for other things to write about. She quickly did when finding out about a charity: Feed A Smile. For those who don't know, Feed A Smile is a charity that provides food for children in Kenya, in addition to building a school. Events supporting the charity are held at Lavender Field, but there's also an art exhibit that supports the charity.

Read Shava's article in People.

"Dark, Mysterious" Man Spams About Raffle In Team Diabetes Group, Fate of Lindens Donated Unknown

By Bixyl Shuftan,

Team Diabetes has gotten a sterling reputation over the years for raising money for the American Diabetes Association and donating everything they raise. But there was an incident recently that appears like someone was taking advantage of the organization's good name and the generosity of it's donators.

On December 31, there was an announcement by John Brianna (johannes1977 Resident) on the Team Diabetes blog that on the day before, "the owners of the Land of the Rings Breedables Auction spammed our group (of) their event and stated that their raffle was in support of Team Diabetes of Second Life." The people in question would say they had raised over 100,000 Lindens, but Team Diabetes had yet to see any of it, "we strongly encourage you to inquire where your donations went."

I contacted Team Diabetes about the matter, and was answered by Vee Tammas Shocker (Veruca Tammas). She told me most of what she knew was explained in the blog post. She did go on to say she tried contacting the owner of Land of the Rings Breedables, ϮŁσrίŁуηη ŞŧαrşíđєrϮ (LoriLynnGrimes Resident), "but she muted and blocked me." Before that, she had been told to talk to Oenneo Resident, the co-owner, but "I haven't gotten one response at all." She told me that there was a breedables group that was raising funds for Team Diabetes, but it was a different one: OYO Breedables. Vee described them as, "the OYO Breedable people who have been lovely and nothing but open, honest and aboveboard."

"I tell you Bix it's all fishy to me, this other group," Vee told me, " ... it was wrong to advertise it as a Team Diabetes event. I feel horrible for the people who attended and, if as they claim, gave 100,100 lindens, cause they thought it went to Team Diabetes." She added, "Lori sent a screaming note to John saying they didn't know where to get kiosks and then stated blaming OYO Breedables etc. who had nothing to do with them. ... about the notice on our website, how dare we, etc." She clarified by "screaming" she meant the note was entirely in capital letters, "come on, we have an office at NonProfit Commons and anyone can get a kiosk. .. They could have even gone to our office and dumped the money in that kiosk there."

Oenneo Residen't display name is "ϮƝЄƠ ƬӇЄ0ƝЄ ԼƖƠƝӇЄƛƦƬ ƓƛԼƛҲƳϮ", and in his profile (in all caps), he describes himself as an "untamable, unchangeable, unforgetable, dark, mysterious, enterpeneur extrordinare," and besides being co-owner of Land of the Rings Breedables, he owns another line, Galaxy Breedables. I sent him a message asking him about the Land of the Rings Breedables Auction. There was no reply.

In the meantime, Team Diabetes has changed it's kiosks to off-season ones, so even though the holiday events are done, people can still donate to them. For more information on the group, check out their website at: .

Bixyl Shuftan

Announcement: Memorial for Dassani

Dear friends and family of Gulls Wing and of Dassani Storm,

As you know Dassani passed away on December 27th, 2017. We would like to invite you all to a memorial service on January 14, 2018  at 12:00 pm SLT in honor of her life.

We will be having the service at location where we can provide the lowest level of lag so that we can fit as many into the memorial as possible. More details will follow soon as to the location but we wanted to let you know so you could save the date and time if you wish to attend. We also ask that you make certain that you arrive at the lowest possible avi weight with the fewest possible scripts,

Dassani was the manager of Midnight Passions Radio Club at Gulls Wing as well as Gulls Wing Music venues. She has been a valuable part of our team , our club and most of all the Gulls Wing family since this project began in 2013. It is impossible to describe what she meant to us and to this community. If you knew, her you understand.

Many special things are happening in her honor. First the Gulls Wing Music Venue will now be known as Dassani's at Gulls Wing. The club she built and loved so much will forever bear her name. Second, on January 21, 2018, Dassani will be inducted into the Second Life Music Hall of Fame. Third we are collecting pictures (full perm copy) that you may have and written condolences of what Dassani meant to you. Please if you send pictures include the names of the significant people in the picture. All Pictures and Condolences need to be sent to RJaNator Dorance by 8 am SLT on Wednesday , January 10th.  Remember they must be FULL PERM. The photos and condolences will be passed to Dassani's real life family in a photo book.

We look forward to seeing you at the memorial service. If you cannot attend , you will be able to listen to it on Midnight Passions Radio at

Please keep Dassani's real life and second life  family and friends in your prayers at this very difficult time. Please feel free to share this with people who may not be on our list of subscribers but would like to attend.

Thank you and best regards,

Avery Saxena
Unclesamoriginal Resdient
Aspan Resident
Toby Howton
and the entire Gulls Wing Team

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Cartoon of the Day

Taken at the Happy Vixen. Skylark Lefavre seems to have a slight problem with the snow piling up on the wooden deck.

By Bixyl Shuftan

Saturday, January 6, 2018

SL Video: "A Journey from The Past: Singapore"

(Click here if the video fails to load)

From Diana Rose on Dec 29, "featuring the art of  Rebeca Bashly, Nish Mip, Djehuti-Anpu (aka Thoth Jansen), Elle Thorkveld, Rosie Dimanovic, Ama Avro, Igor Ballyhoo, Krystali Rabeni, Eliza Wierwight and Pumpkin Tripsa"

One of the entries in the SLArtist@UWA Challenge, which closed to new submissions on Dec 31. There is 350,000 Linden dollars available in prizes.

Friday, January 5, 2018

Scenes From New Year's Eve Events 2018

New Year's Eve is known for it's parties. And Second Life had a number of them around the Grid. Probably the best known was the Prim Drop in Bay City. But not everyone could stay up to see it, and/or people were looking for events before that. Yours truly took a few pictures at several of them.

See the pictures in Events.

Nemoen Magne, Owner of Club Furnication, Has Died

For five years from April 2012 to October 2017, Club Furnication entertained numerous fans. Among the DJs who performed there was it's owner Nemoen Magne, aka DJ Nemo. Yesterday, one of the staff of the club, ĸιιdaѕнιa (Kiirya Huntress), informed the Newser that Nemoen had passed away on December 31. The cause of death was complications form pneumonia. Nemoen, Chris Kurs in real life, was 40 years old and is survived by his father, two sisters, and his Second Life partner Asher Ninetails.

Kiirya told the Newser that the closed club had been temporarily reopened high above the Image d Alliez sim for the purpose of fans of the club and owner to come by and remember him from Thursday to sometime Sunday. When I dropped by there were a couple dozen patrons and staff talking in both text and voice. "A lot of us wouldn't be where we are if it wasn't for Nemo." "He was a really cool guy." "Even if you were pi**ed off, Nemo would find a way to make you laugh." "He loved everybody." "He was very forgiving. He had a big heart." "It was impossible for him to stay mad at anyone." "He was a great guy." "There wasn't anyone leaving here without a smile if Nemo was here."

Some whom were asked to drop by the event hadn't known, "I think I'm gonna cry. Why didn't anyone tell me this? (sob)." One woman told a story about how she was on the verge of suicide, but Nemo took the time to sit next to her for some hours and listen. "I learned there were still nice guys in the world."

It was stated that there would be some DJs playing music part of the time, "This is what Nemo would have wanted. He lived life like a party, and he would have wanted the party to go on." While the future of the building is uncertain, the staff made it clear the group would continue, We *are* staying around as a community." As of now, there are over 1150 listed in the club's group.

There is a Gofundme page for Nemoen to help pay the cost of the funeral. The goal is to raise $7000. The page can be found at .

The Furnication club building will be up temporarily until sometime Sunday at Image dAlliez (127, 127, 2500)

Sources: Wikifur, Twitter

Bixyl Shuftan

This Week At The Science Circle: “Black hole Demographics” By Dr. Rob Knop

Saturday January 6th

10:00 AM - 11:00 AM PST/SLT

"The term 'black hole' conjures up many fanciful images, some of which are false, and, surprisingly, many of which are true. To astronomers, 'black hole' actually means two different things: first, the theoretical construct predicted by General Relativity (GR), and second, the objects in space that we have observationally confirmed; there is a subtle, at least semantic, difference. For a long time, we’ve known of black holes that are several to about ten times the mass of the Sun, observed as X-Ray sources in our Galaxy. We’ve also known about black holes that are millions to billions times the mass of the Sun, lurking at the cores of galaxies. In the last few years, thanks to gravitational wave observations, we’ve confirmed black holes that are thirty times the mass of the Sun. Are there any in between? Do black holes hundreds or thousands the mass of our Sun exist? If so, where are they hiding? In this talk, I’ll outline our current knowledge of where black holes exist in the Universe, and mention some of the remaining questions we have about these exotic objects."

More information at:

The Science Circle (61/126/32

Thursday, January 4, 2018

2017 Year in Review

2017 had a number of triumphs, stumbles, and mixed bags for the residents of the virtual world of Second Life. Before we close the book on the old year, let's look at some of the highlights.

Some of the news discussed by residents was of developments outside Second Life that had the potential of affect the grid. One that got plenty of talk was Sansar, Linden Lab's next-generation virtual world. In development for over three years, it was made open to a selected group of volunteers in a closed beta in mid-2016. Originally slated to open to all in January 2017, Linden Lab kept postponing the opening until July 31. This new world was the subject of a lot of talk by residents when under development, including a few conspiracy theories that Linden Lab would close Second Life and force everyone into Sansar despite people pointing out that the Lab would likely be cutting it's own throat on such a move. When it did open, Sansar got a number of curious looks by residents in it's first few days, then activity fell to a small fraction of what it was. While there were a few people whom were enthusiastic about it, most Second Life residents found little to keep their attention. Indeed there were suggestions that Sansar was evidence that Linden Lab had lost the creative spark it had at it's beginning when it created Second Life. At best, most residents felt Sansar's best quality was it's room for improvement, and moved on back to developments in the virtual world they had known.

One issue talked about by residents wasn't so much about Second Life but the Internet in general. In November, the chairman of the FCC Ajit Pai announced a plan that would scrap US laws protecting Net Neutrality, the principle that Internet Service Providers should treat data content and access to it equally instead of blocking or slowing down access to certain places, such as websites and games owned by business rivals, or slowing down or "throttling" speeds of customers unless they pay more. Despite most of the public being against the repeal, as well as many tech companies, including Linden Lab with issued a last-minute statement calling for the existing law to be preserves, the FCC voted to scrap the protections. Linden Lab's founder Philip Rosedale (Philip Linden) predicted the move could have "especially negative" consequences for Second Life as some ISPs could start charging heavily for bandwidth usage. There are efforts by various states' Attorney Generals and in Congress to bring back the protections. But what happens to the Internet and Second Life remains to be seen in 2018.

Of technical developments, Bento appeared in late 2016, and many designers began making items such as body parts for avatars that incorporated it. One side effect was that older viewers such as Singularity couldn't see Bento items properly, and as they became more and more popular some users began switching to more frequently updated ones such as Firestorm and the new Black Dragon. One development that was announced late in the year was Animesh, which promises "independent objects to use rigged mesh and animations." So far, it's still in development, but promises more natural looking virtual pets and NPCs in the future. Linden Lab also introduced a new game to Second Life, "Tyrah and the Magical Glitches." Unlike previous Linden games, residents could make their sims part of the action just by offering to.

Linden Lab would continue to interact with the residents, with events such as the "Snowball Showdowns," "Hug a Linden/Dunk a Linden," and the "Creepy Crawl." They would also have a music event in cooperation with the resident-run Second Life Birthday. They would also do something new: taking part directly in the Relay for Life with their own "Bid Me Bald," and there were "meet and greet" events with the Lindens at the Second Life Birthday and the Relay for Life's Castle Home and Garden. But for all of these public-relations boons, there was one bust near the end of the year when blogger Strawberry Singh was asked to edit or take down a tutorial video of the newcomer entry area due to it having Second Life's trademark's symbol, though Linden Lab soon apologized and thanked her, and others, for their coverage.

Politics was quite a topic in Second Life in 2016 as there was a Presidential Election in the US. In 2017, the topic died down somewhat but not completely. On Inauguration Day, the new President was honored in London City. But not everyone was impressed with him, a group of artists organizing calling themselves, "Avatars Against Trump." One conservative podcaster whom broadcasted from Second Life announced he was temporarily putting his reports on pause, saying political discussion was becoming too repetitive. Linden Lab would step in political matters a few times, making statements against two of President's executive orders on immigration, and as mentioned earlier calling for the laws preserving Net Neutrality be maintained.

Besides the Linden-run events, there were many resident-run ones as well that took place over almost every month of the year. As before, the resident-run Second Life Birthday celebration was a success. The Relay for Life in Second Life as before had a number of events, such as the Fantasy Faire, Making Strides for Breast Cancer, the Christmas Expo, and their official season with the Relay Walk as the high point. While no doubt their official season was a success, they couldn't help but notice they were not making as much as a few years ago. So came "Project Relay Refresh" with the goal of revitalizing the Relay though various changes such as a shorter season. Besides the Relay, there were other events to raise funds for charity, such as those by Team Diabetes, Creation for Parkinsons' Halloween-themed Gotham Island event, the monthly concerts at Veterans Isle for Homes For Our Troops, and others. There was also the One Billion Rising event to raise awareness to violence against women around the world. When Hurricane Harvey hit hard in Texas, there were some impromptu small-scale fundraising events. When content creators Elicio Ember and Maxwell Graf fell on hard times, fundraisers were quickly organized to help them out, both raising more than a million Linden dollars apiece.

2017 would see some goodbyes. Breezes Babii, who was a longtime friend of the Newser and wrote some articles for the paper, passed away this year after a long illness. She was given a memorial service by the Tombstone community that was attended by many. Others who passed away included Riven Homewood whom was in several library and volunteer groups, Foxkin Impfondo whom was an estate owner, Spike Nico whom founded and ran the Rainbow Tiger club, and Jaxx Tarvis whom lived in the Sunweaver community where the Newser makes it's home.

There were also some sim closings. After getting a reprieve last year when they were originally due to close, two of the University of Western Australia sims were closed down. The Basilique sim owned by Canary Beck closed it's doors. Late in the year, the owner of the St. John Estates announced they would be closing. One famous line of breedables, Ozimals, shut down their line of bunnies which they were noted for and helped breedable pets in Second Life become popular several years ago. The shutdown was due to a cease-and-desist legal order. While Ozimals announced plans to launch another line of bunnies, there has been no date yet set.

But there would be some openings and comebacks as well. After being without a home for over a year, the Steelhead community had a sim again with the founding of Steelhead Bay. The Newser office's neighborhood, the Sunweaver Estates, would see four new sims added, plus two swapping owners and getting whole new looks. The Sunweaver/Angels' Club Zero Gravity space station club, which had closed down three years ago, was reopened. Among the new places opened were Montecito Bay, Furry Tiki Island, Palm Coast, Cerridwen's Cauldron, and more.

Second Life would get some mention not only in tech media, but also more mainstream media. Ars Technica, an online publication about tech media, published an article by a writer who returned to the virtual world after being out for several years. A writer for the Atlantic Monthly would visit the Grid for the first time and do a report. Both articles gave an overall positive message about Second Life.

Besides Sansar and the Net Neutrality issue, there were a number of other things online worth mentioning. Bitcoin, the noted virtual currency, skyrocketed in value from about $1000 each in value to over $19,000 before going down again, closing the year at $13451. In gaming, lootboxes became a source of controversy with charges of being a form of legalized gambling, particularly when they were made a key part of how to advance in EA's "Star Wars Battlefront II." The Conan Exiles game was also a source of some controversy due to the ability of players to enslave NPCs.

For the Second Life Newser, it was a busy year with over a thousand articles, press releases and announcements, reader submissions, and cartoons. We've had some exciting new talent come in to give their stories around the virtual world. In our eighth year, we will continue to report the news, large and small, of the people, places, and events across the Grid.

Bixyl Shuftan
Editor/Head Reporter
Second Life Newser

East Coast Hit By Winter Storm

A winter storm has blown over the East Coast, bringing in bitter cold temperatures and wind chills, and snow. For those caught in it's path, including yours truly and other Newser writers, there is the likelyhood of power interruptions. So if someone you know from the area isn't logging on, this is likely the reason.

Stay warm, and don't go on icy roads unless it's an emergency.

Bixyl Shuftan

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Cartoon of the Day: Cone of Shame

Taken at Eternal Desires. This getup reminded me of the "Elizabethan Collar" put on dogs to keep them from licking at bandages, or the "cone of shame" as it's sometimes called following the movie "Up."

By Bixyl Shuftan

Peter Gray/Peter Linden Leaving Linden Labs, To Join Facebook

One of the more familiar Lindens to Second Life residents, Peter Linden, will soon be departing Linden Labs. Known as Peter Gray in real life, he was known as the Lab's public relations spokesman, officialy their Senior Director of Communications. But no longer.On Tuesday January 2, Hamlet Au and Inara Pey had received emails from Gray that he was leaving Linden Lab. His new place of employment: Facebook. He will be working at the communications team of Facebook AI Research

"After about a dozen years doing marcom in the virtual worlds/VR space (starting way back in '06 as part of Linden's external PR team), it's time for a new adventure, and I'm excited to be moving on to join Facebook's comms team for AI."

"I'm not sure if anyone else has been doing marcom in the virtual worlds / VR space longer, but 12 years is a pretty long time (in the tech world, at least). What's helped to keep it interesting, exciting, and rewarding all these years is also a big part of what made becoming a Linden appealing in the first place: the enormous range of stories to tell. I'm grateful to all the SL and Sansar users who are doing such interesting and creative things with our platforms, and in particular to those who have gone out of their way to share their stories over the years. "

Peter Linden had spent over eight years at Linden Lab, joining in 2009 and serving under four different CEOs and went through a number of turning points in the company's history such as when 30% of it's staff was laid off. His avatar has been seen in a number of events such as the Second Life Birthday and Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education.  It is not clear who will replace him.

As for Peter Gray's new job. it's likely to be an eventful one as last year, Facebook had to squash rumors that they had pulled the plug on an AI that had gotten "dangerously smart."

Sources: New World Notes, Modem World, Gizmodo 

Bixyl Shuftan

Press Release: The Dreamland Expo

The 1st annual The Dreamland Expo announces the first mega event of the season which will be held on March 30th - April 15th in support of the American Cancer Society and the Relay For Life of Second Life.

The goal of the event is to provide an incredible shopping and entertainment experience featuring exclusive items, gacha, raffle, hunts and more. Lend your support to Relay For Life, the largest and longest charity in Second Life.

Everyone can now join a the public group The Dreamland Expo Fans or if no group space you can now subscribe inworld at the The Dreamland Expo office in The Royal District at Greenmist (188, 140, 1968).

The 2018 theme is The World of Magic

About The Dreamland Expo
A new era is born as the chapter of the past is closed. We will feature not only fashion but more. Multiple regions, professional builders, excellent brands, talented designers and bloggers who all come together to make a big difference all in the name of Relay For Life.

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Social Media
The Dreamland Expo

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Relay For Life of Second Life

American Cancer Society

Editor's Note: It was announced in the Relay for Life Volunteers group that this event will be replacing "Fashion for Life," which will not be taking place this year.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Events This Week at the Sunweaver and Furry Fashion Clubs

It's a new year. And we're ringing it in with a week's worth of events.

Club Cutlass: "Event Number One," White and Gray, Disco Night

Happy Vixen: Anime, Skunks, Biker, Sharknado, Rave, Full Moon Follies, CAYA

Club Zero Gravity: Dragon Crew, "New Year Blues", Cats vs Dogs

Furry Fashion Lounge: Rock, Techno, Pajama Jam, Scalies, House Party, Sock Hope, Pirates vs Ninjas, Forest Creatures

Updated Jan 3

Read the schedules in SL Clubbin'.

St. John Estate to Close, Owner Gabrielle Riel to "Semi-Retire" From Second Life

On December 28, the residents living in the St. John Estate got an announcement from the owner, Gabrielle Riel. She had made the decision to close the sims and "semi-retire" from Second Life due to pressures in real life demanding her attention.

"I am closing the whole estate because my real life demands my full focus now. I am not going to have time to manage any sims, even a few," she stated in her blog, "for the foreseeable future I will just log in to Second Life to play my gigs, which are Songs from The Nightingale on the first Sunday of the month, The Temple on the first Thursday of the month and The Rosehaven Ball on the second Saturday of the month. I will also play gigs for hire according to my availability.

"I don’t see myself logging in for any other reasons than that for now. Second Life stopped being social for me over 10 years ago and I don't really have the desire to just log in and be social. Plus, 2017 killed the joy I had in certain types of social interactions in SL. I dealt with too much ugly, too much crazy, too much toxic, too much loss, too much abandonment, too much disappointment and too much grief.

"The reality is that I have barely been in Second Life since July and I have come to accept the fact that that is just the way things are now due to my real life. ...Change is hard, but just as The Universe hit me over the head in 2013 to tell me it was time to create St John, it hit me over the head, then dropped a ton of bricks on me in 2017 to tell me it was time to let St John go. It’s time for me to let a lot of things go. It’s time for me to walk a new path. "

The sims will be closing one at a time, from January 5 to January 30

Friday January 5 - Bayou St John
Sunday, January 14 - St John Woods
Tuesday, January 16 - Lake St John
Tuesday, January 23 - St John Parish
Tuesday, January 23 - St John Maurepas
Tuesday, January 23 - St John (Uptown)
Tuesday, January 30 - St John Islands

Some of the sims will be available for sale, but Gabrielle stated, "however keep in mind that I am clearing the sims. I won’t sell any of the sims with the builds or landscaping. The buyers will also need to move and rename the sims."

Gabrielle's Radio Riel will remain up and running. Although the community newsletter the St. John Intelligencer ( will remain up, it will no longer be updated.

Hat Tip: Inara Pey

Source: Songs From the Nightingale

Bixyl Shuftan

Monday, January 1, 2018

Online "Swatting" Prank Leads to Death

by Bixyl Shuftan

It's fair to say most online gamers have heard of "Swatting." For those who haven't, this is when someone calls a police department and makes a phony claim of a serious crime, such as a hostage situation, at someone else's address. While hoax calls to the cops are nothing new, they've become more of a concern in recent years with angry video and computer gamers tracing down the address of a rival and calling the police to claim the person is either about to seriously harm someone or already has, with the intention of terrifying their target and possibly getting them arrested.

Not only is this a waste of taxpayer dollars and the policemen's time, and possibly diverting them from any real crimes at the moment, but there's the potential of the police shooting someone. And on Thursday December 28, it happened. Police in Wichita Kansas responded to a caller claiming he was holding people hostage at an address, and ended up shooting and killing a man whom had been doing nothing wrong.

As it turned out, the man wasn't even involved in the dispute that led to the crime. What had happened was two "Call of Duty" game players ended up arguing over a wager of just $1.50, and one whose Twitter handle happened to be "@SWAuTistic" made a call at the 911 center in the town of what he thought was his rival's address. But he had been given the wrong one. The caller claimed to have shot his father and holding the rest of the family hostage, and had poured gasoline around the house. The address police were given was that of Andrew Thomas Finch. Police shot Finch at his front door when his hand moved to his waist, and the unarmed man was killed. Finch was 28, and is survived by three children. The man's family has stated he wasn't a game player.

As news of the shooting spread, "@SWAuTistic" changed his Twitter address. But other gamers took pictures of and shared a tweet of his insisting he was blameless for what happened, "I DIDNT GET ANYONE KILLED BECAUSE I DIDNT DISCHARGE A WEAPON AND BEING A SWAT MEMBER ISNT MY PROFESSION". The call and tweets were traced to Tyler Barris, 25, of Los Angeles, whom was arrested. Barris has been in trouble before, charged and convited of making bomb threats to a TV station.

While there are no Federal laws about swatting, Barris faces a number of charges. On state level, he could be charged with reckless homicide, plus California has a law against swatting punishable by a year in prison and a $10,000 fine.

Sources: Wichita Eagle, Los Angeles Times, Click On DetroitPC Magazine, CNN,

Bixyl Shuftan

Christmas Giving Tree and Sponsor an SL Child for the Holidays

The holiday season is almost over. But before we close the door on it,  Alura Denver (Alura Messing) was researching and interviewing about a Christmas event aimed at Second Life child avatars. For those whose inworld families are unavailable due to being out of town or otherwise wrapped up in real life, the Grid can be a lonely place for SL kids during the Holidays. So the owner of the Sweet Tots store got together with Crystalle Qork and came up with the first annual "Giving Tree and Sponsor an SL Child" event.

Read Alura's story in People

Happy New Year

Happy New Year from the Second Life Newser.